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Decorative Asphalt Streetscapes

TrafficPatterns on asphalt traffic calming device

HUB Surface Systems offers a range of Decorative Asphalt Streetscapes and traffic calming streetscape improvement solutions. Ideal for decorative treatments anywhere you want to treat public hardscape surfaces for community beautification and road safety reasons.

Durable, attractive, decorative asphalt streetscape treatments for traffic calming devices and streetscape enhancements, balance project beauty with performance, and affordability. Fast installations mean substantial reductions in community disruption during construction compared to other decorative asphalt hardscape treatment alternatives.

A wide selection of products suitable for all areas of the streetscape

Public Works and Street Maintenance departments appreciate that these long performing solutions are applied to asphalt and concrete substrate. From stamped asphalt to high performance preformed thermoplastics and simple, permanent asphalt and concrete colourization coating systems, HUB offers advantages over other decorative paving treatments such as stamped concrete and pavers:

1. Does not compromised monolithic pavement surface – maintains road surface structural integrity
2. Durable solutions designed to perform in all applications in all Canadian climates.
‘The Right Product for the Right Place‘
3. Trench cuts quickly and easily repaired
4. No concrete cracking, pavers heaving and settling – trip hazards eliminated
5. Unaffected by road salts, chemicals and UV stable colours
6. Cost effective, customizable designs for all applications
7. Fast installation – minimal community and traffic disruption
8. High wear resistant performance solutions for heavy vehicle traffic areas
9. Excellent skid and slip resistant characteristics

Available in extensive standard and customizable patterns and colors. From simple to creative, they have been used extensively by Municipalities in Canada for over 25 years. Ideal for neighborhood beautification, crosswalks, traffic calming devices, and streetscape safety.