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Decorative Hardscape Solutions

HUB Surface Systems has over thirty years on combined experience in specialized decorative hardscape solutions for application to asphalt and concrete. We represent the leading technologies in the field throughout Canada. With offices in Vancouver and Toronto we advise and support project owners and the design and specifier communities in selecting the right product for the right application. Our network of factory trained Accredited Applicators assure you that your project will be installed to the highest standard, on time and on budget.


Product Lines







StreetPrint – Genuine Stamped Asphalt – Decorative Asphalt – Asphalt stamping a template into freshly placed or re-heated asphalt followed by the application of StreetBond, an advanced coating system for asphalt. Ideal applications include parks, pathways, school playgrounds, parking lots, Residential driveways and more!






StreetBond – Advanced Coatings for Asphalt – Coatings adhere permanently to asphalt and concrete surfaces and have been developed with balanced performance characteristics in mind, ensuring quality results and enduring beauty for your projects.





DuraShield – Superior Asphalt Protection and reservation – DruaShield is a specialty asphalt sealer for driveways and commercial parking lots, formulated using high quality acrylic polymer technology. It is designed to renew and enhance the appearance of asphalt surfaces and to protect the asphalt from degradation due to oxidation from exposure to UV rays and water.







TrafficScapes – Enhanced Crosswalk & Traffic Calming Solutions – is a portfolio of preformed thermoplastic materials engineered for durability, safety, and aesthetics for the streetscape, commercial parking lot and traffic calming market. Each product provides a durable pavement marking solution that enhances safety and visibility as well as adds complementary accents to your overall streetscape design while incorporating regulatory requirements.




DecoMark – Custom Wayfinding and Horizontal Surface Markings – DecoMark is a customizable, durable preformed Thermoplastic horizontal surface signage system with a wide range of potential applications. Including traffic guidance, wayfinding, commercial parking lot and Business Improvement Area brand extension. increase brand awareness and enhance community pride.








AirMark® – Durable Pavement Markings for Airfields – AirMark is a durable preformed thermoplastic pavement marking material for airside use at Part 139 and GA Airports. Whether the need is for linear delineation or horizontal surface signage, AirMark® is best suited for markings such as taxiway, hold position, geographic position, vehicle roadway, aprons, ramps, and at aircraft parking and tie downs.