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Advanced Coatings for Asphalt and Concrete

StreetBond150® Advanced Coatings for Asphalt & Concrete – Proven Performance since 1992 in over 40 countries worldwide.




Manufactured by GAF, high performance StreetBond150® advanced coatings for asphalt and concrete must be specially formulated. On one hand they must be flexible enough to move with the pavement surface but hard enough to withstand heavy wear; too hard they risk cracking; too flexible, they risk prematurely wearing; too smooth being dangerously slippery.

Streetbond150 Advanced Coatings for Asphalt and Concrete has balanced performance characteristics

StreetBond® advanced concrete and asphalt coatings adhere permanently to pavement surfaces and have been developed with balanced performance characteristics in mind, ensuring quality results and enduring beauty for your projects. StreetBond Coatings work in almost any condition and are used to colour and protect both flat as well as stamped asphalt surfaces.

StreetBond® SB150 is a two-component advanced waterborne epoxy-modified acrylic coating specifically designed for application on textured (stamped) or nontextured (flat) asphalt pavements. One of StreetBond® SB150’s most important characteristics is that, unlike normal waterborne coatings, StreetBond® SB150’s unique design allows it to maintain durability even when wet. StreetBond® SB150’s flexibility, adhesion and elongation allow for the expansion and contraction that is a characteristic of asphalt (flexible) pavements without cracking. StreetBond® SB150 extends asphalt life by providing protection from the harmful effects of oxidation due to UV exposure and weathering.

See some examples how StreetBond150 performs over time HERE

StreetBond® makes economic sense. Fast and efficient installation means you invest less up front. StreetBond® is a durable, low-maintenance surface and that translates into long term savings. They create beautiful and practical UV stable coloured asphalt and concrete surfaces and protect as well as extend the life of the pavement as well!

StreetBond Coatings for Asphalt

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StreetBond150® Advanced Coatings for Asphalt and Concrete bond permanently to asphalt or concrete paving surfaces and were developed with balanced performance characteristics in mind. Ensuring quality results and enduring beauty of your projects for years to come.



StreetBondSR® Solar Reflective characteristics facilitate sustainable hardscape design by keeping asphalt pavement surfaces such as parking lots and playgrounds cool and comfortable and can contribute to project LEED® credits.