Promote Sustainable Urban Environments: Harness the Solar-Reflective Benefits of StreetBondSR for Cooler Pavements

Your solution for cooler pavement

StreetBondSR™ LEED® Compliant Coatings – have solar reflective characteristics facilitate sustainable hardscape design, reduce Urban Heat Island Effect by minimizing the amount of solar energy absorbed by asphalt pavement surfaces such as parking lots and playgrounds. Reducing Heat Island Effect helps minimize the impact on micro-climate through the use of asphalt hardscape surfacing material with high solar reflectance, and can contribute to project LEED® credits.

Pavement surfaces are a leading cause of Urban Heat Island Effect contributing roughly 30-40% of the urban footprint. Reducing Heat Island Effect lowers energy consumption and can cut air conditioning bills up to 33%.i Not to mention, cooler pavements mean safer more comfortable pavements as well.

Product features

Solar reflective
Durability & longevity
Low maintenance

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