Elevating Urban Design with TrafficPatternsXD:

Urban Design with TrafficPatternsXD

A Modern Solution for the Woodbridge Redevelopment

Ever heard the phrase “no bricks”? It’s a reality we faced when downtown Woodbridge was planning for redevelopment, the team looked for crosswalk solutions that would compliment the project. That’s where TrafficPatternsXD, a proven solution from HUB Surface Systems Canada, fit the bill.

Shirley Marsh, project manager of Urban Design for the city of Vaughan, had the following to say: “The village of Woodbridge is a designated Heritage Conservation District and has served the community and visitors as the central hub for social gatherings and celebrations. The district is centered on Woodbridge Avenue consisting of a unique historic main street setting and many charming heritage buildings. The Woodbridge streetscape improvement and design required careful consideration and selection of plantings, street furniture and paving materials. The City chose TrafficPatternsXD for all the pedestrian crosswalks at intersections to help highlight pedestrian zones and facilitate safer crossings. The project had multiple goals including: to beautify the street environment, create safe traffic circulation, enhance heritage village character, ensure material durability and facilitate effective and efficient operations and maintenance. The project team feels we have successfully achieved our goals in the completion of this Woodbridge Ave streetscape improvement project.”

Aesthetically Complimentary Community Accents That Work in Canada

With TrafficPatternsXD, we’re taking the next step. As this solution joins our suite, we are preparing to fuse unparalleled durability with inspiring design. This addition signifies more than an evolution in materials—it reflects our vision of streets as canvases for urban artistry and smart community planning.

Brick styles with modern performance

Brick Styles with Modern Performance

snow plow proof

Snow Plow Proof

TrafficPatternsXD delivers on its commitments:

  • Durability: Since its inception in 2008, TrafficPatternsXD has consistently demonstrated remarkable longevity.
  • Proven Performance: It has earned its stripes in various traffic environments, proving its reliability time and time again.
  • Traffic Endurance: With ease, it withstands the daily hustle and bustle of traffic, ensuring steadfast performance.
  • Snow Plow Resilience: Feel assured running snow plows over it, as TrafficPatternsXD maintains resilience in harsh conditions.

In conclusion, the integration of TrafficPatternsXD into the Woodbridge redevelopment project stands as a testament to its versatility and reliability in enhancing urban spaces. As highlighted by Shirley Marsh, the project manager of Urban Design for the city of Vaughan, TrafficPatternsXD not only meets but exceeds expectations in terms of durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal. Its ability to withstand the rigors of traffic while enhancing the character of heritage districts like Woodbridge demonstrates its value as a leading solution in modern urban design. With TrafficPatternsXD, HUB Surface Systems Canada continues to pave the way for innovative, resilient, and visually captivating streetscapes across Canada.

Urban Design for the city of Vaughan
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