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Bringing vibrant colours and games into an otherwise dull and grey environments, while helping to create inviting playgrounds that really engage students
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“We first began using Streetbond150 in school playgrounds to bring in vibrant colours and games into an otherwise dull and grey environment,” recalls Haig Seferian, Principal Landscape Architect with Seferian Design Group. “We found that while the StreetBond product is best suited for new asphalt or concrete, many schools do not have the budget to re-install new asphalt. StreetBond150 has been an ideal solution for renewing older asphalt and concrete areas.

“Going back to re-visit projects from years ago is a pleasure since the product is still looking great,” he continues. “It takes a ton of use and wear, but holds up year after year.”

Schoolyards traditionally have sterile asphalt environments. The monotonous grey is uninspiring to students who do not feel engaged by it. Schools are also reluctant with tight budgets to replace old asphalt or concrete. As a result, schoolyards often languish under competing claims for budgets.

However, a study into Boston schoolyards showed that brightly coloured and engaging spaces increased physical activity by 100%, improved behaviour in school by 63% and even improved relationships with parents and communities by 74%.

Looking at these numbers, it is clear why cost-effective improvements to playgrounds have found a lot of popularity. That is why in Ontario, over 120 different public, private and Catholic schools across Ontario have decided to upgrade their kindergarten play areas.

The problem

Schools are looking for cost-effective ways of improving the student experience. There are budget limitations and the areas also need to be safe. Existing infrastructure should be upgraded as much as possible without any full-scale replacement.

Stakeholders: Numerous kindergartens across Ontario, Seferian Design Group, local municipalities, parents groups


Vibrant and engaging

Should be able to use vibrant and engaging colours

Long lasting
Should be long-lasting to reduce any maintenance costs
Weather resistant
Needs to deal with large differences in temperature and climate as is common in Southern Ontario
Slip resistant
Needs to have a strong grip to prevent slipping in wet or snowy conditions
Needs to be non-toxic as children will be using
Serious play
Needs to be able to endure frequent and intense usage
Chemical resistant
Chemical resistant


StreetBond150 was used to help create inviting playgrounds that really engage students. The product is long-lasting and keeps its vibrance year after year throughout the season. It is also able to be applied to existing asphalt, sparing schools the expense of having to replace their entire playground and emptying any budget for improvements.

“Several studies like this show that when you create these fun and captivating outdoor spaces for kids, you reduce violence in the playground and increase important school metrics like focus, comprehension, and engagement,” – Hub Surface Systems principal Doug Bain

The result:

Beautiful and engaging designs at schools across Ontario, thanks to StreetBond150.

What's next?

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