Commercial Applications

How stamped asphalt helped with a high traffic parking lot at Fairview Park in Kitchener

Planning for large scale retail requires precise plans to control customer flow. In many locations, this also requires planning for customer intake and outflow. The more convenient and well planned the development, the more likely customers are to frequently return to a commercial development.

Commercial projects


With the damage that COVID-19 has done to the traditional retail, every detail matters. At the same time, consumers are becoming very sensitive to environmentally friendly designs. (GreenBiz)

This is the sweet spot for stamped asphalt as it provides environmentally friendly solutions that are economically effective for commercial businesses looking to increase thoroughfare. HUBSS’ products delivery by combining long-lasting solutions which have versatility in designs along with environmentally friendly solutions.

Making retail areas more consumer friendly and inviting is critical. Even as more consumers are incorporating e-commerce, many consumers are using a hybrid approach. Customer behavior like BOPIS (Buy online, pickup in store) along with shopping at a storefront and then purchasing online are important. A report by the ICSC shows that opening a retail store increases local website traffic by 37% the following quarter. (Report)

The problem

Fairview Park development was looking for a streetscape solution that could serve as a inviting outdoors, weaving together retail, office, restaurants and entertainment.

Stakeholders: Cadillac Fairview, Colliers International, Petroff Partnership Architects, Roy Higgs International, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (portfolio owners), Kitchener Municipality



Urban areas should look inviting and friendly

Durability both from surface traffic and from large difference in weather patterns from winter to summer
The transformed landscape needs to be able to endure a lot of foot traffic on a frequent or constant basis


Cadillac Fairview relied on TrafficPatternsXD to deliver both the customized design and mixed high performance walkways with parking lots. TrafficPatternsXD delivers both durability along with design flexibility.
TrafficPatternsXD has anti-skid functionality also through its leveled gradient, helping provide pedestrians with increased foot traction in wet or snowy conditions. This stamped asphalt solution is installed on monolithic asphalt pavement, to prevent any type of unevenness and promotes universal design for accessibility by people with different movement capabilities.

The result:

The area was designed to combine traditional brick materials with more contemporary designs as a tribute to the city’s Victorian-era industrial past. TrafficPatternsXD was able to accomplish this by providing thermoplastics that provide a bevel reminiscent of brick-lined streets without having the associated maintenance costs.

What's next?


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