TraficPatterns ubc decorative crosswalk
Pavement Markings for Beautiful and Safe Streetscapes and Commercial Parking Lot Surfaces

TrafficPatterns® is a durable preformed thermoplastic pavement markings material used primarily for streetscape and traffic calming purposes on public roads and commercial parking lots.

TrafficPatterns is engineered as heavy-duty intersection grade pavement markings material with impressive durability. It provides a cost-effective alternative to the use of stamped concrete and pavers because the material is surface applied and virtually maintenance free. Available in 125-mil thicknesses, the 2 ft. x 2 ft.
sheets of interconnected material are easily lifted and positioned onto an asphalt or concrete surface for application with a specialized infrared heating technology.

Features & Benefits

Engineered with safety, durability and aesthetics in mind, TrafficPatterns® is the surface solution designed to:

Enhance visibility for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians

Promote and/or revitalize community image and pride

Create attractive walkways in pedestrian and parking areas

Create low-cost level median or islands without the use of raised curbs

Ideal For Community Beautification , Business Improvement Association’s

(BIA) And Commercial Shopping Mall Brand Enhancement

Data & Specs

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High Skid/Slip Resistant:

Skid resistance is maximized by adding anti-skid elements to the surface and the intermix of the material at the time of manufacturing. As the marking wears, new anti-skid elements are exposed.

Impressive Durability:

TrafficPatterns® is engineered as heavy-duty intersection grade pavement material and can last 6 to 8 times longer than MMA or epoxy-coated surfaces. This material eliminates the maintenance and safety concerns of loose pavers and is snow plow friendly.

Fast Installation:

TrafficPatterns® comes pre manufactured and is simply placed on the existing pavement surface and using specialized heaters, quickly binding it to either asphalt or concrete surface. Very little mess and minimal traffic or community disruption.

Low Maintenance:

TrafficPatterns® has the same surface characteristics as the pavement. Therefore, there is no additional vibration level or rigid bumpy effect as with pavers and imprints. Although virtually maintenance free, it’s easy and quick to repair with minimal traffic disruption. remove damage, apply sealer, replace with new material, and heat.


Ideal for commercial brand extension and community branding. Highly customizable in a wide range of available colours, TrafficPatterns® can be designed with your community or commercial brand image in mind.

Manufacturing Control:

All pavement markings TrafficPatterns® preformed thermoplastic materials are made at Flint’s manufacturing facility which is ISO 9001:2008 certified for design, development and manufacturing. Quality, value and long-term performance are built into the material.

Project Profiles

Decorative Asphalt Plaza Terry Fox

StreetBond & DecoMark were used for the creation of a public art installation in the plaza, honoring Terry Fox and his legacy. Both products are durable, long lasting and apply to a wide range of use cases for creative and functional applications for public streetscapes, businesses, schools, cities municipalities, BIAs, home renovations, public art projects and more

Decorative Asphalt for High Traffic Areas

Striking a balance between form, function, and style can be tricky on infrastructure projects. In many cases, the solution lies in using the right materials. A case in point is a streetscape redesign project in Toronto's Emery Village which leveraged Hub Surface Systems' (HSS) innovative asphalt stamping material to breathe new life into high-traffic areas.



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