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Community Branding & Wayfinding

Decorative Asphalt Plaza Terry Fox

StreetBond & DecoMark were used for the creation of a public art installation in the plaza, honoring Terry Fox and his legacy. Both products are durable, long lasting and apply to a wide range of use cases for creative and functional applications for public streetscapes, businesses, schools, cities municipalities, BIAs, home renovations, public art projects and more

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the alley project square@x
Community Branding & Wayfinding

The Laneway Project

Laneways have a huge amount of untapped potential. While currently acting primarily as utilitarian service corridors, with strategic upgrades they can become fully-integrated and multi-purpose parts of our public space network, delivering extensive cultural, economic, social, health and environmental benefits.

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StreetBond asamped asphalt Crosswalk Richmond River Road
Community Branding & Wayfinding

Parc Riviera Mews StreetBond Asphalt Walkway

Decorative walkway at Parc Riviera Mews townhouse development by DAVA Developments. StreetBond coatings provide a cost effective way to created outstanding surface applications that are attractive, durable, and highly visible.

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StreetBondSR for cooler asphalt surfaces, solar reflective

StreetBondSR for cooler asphalt surfaces

StreetBondSR for cooler asphalt surfaces: it pays to play it cool with asphalt and concrete surfaces. Left unchecked, “urban heat islands” contribute to climate change and air pollution. Fortunately, these impacts can be reduced by heat-absorbing materials such as “cool” surface coatings for asphalt and concrete.

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