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Decorative asphalt for high traffic areas, strikes a balance between form, function, and style can be tricky on infrastructure projects. In many cases, the solution lies in using the right materials. A case in point is a streetscape redesign project in Toronto’s Emery Village which leveraged Hub Surface Systems’ (HSS) innovative asphalt surfacing material to breathe new life into high-traffic areas.

Hub Surface System Puts TrafficPatternsXD
Decorative Stamped Asphalt on Display

The initiative was launched by the Emery Village Business Improvement Area (BIA) in 2020 as a legacy project to revitalize unit pavers it had installed 12 years earlier. Coloured in the community’s unique “Emery Blue,” the pavers were designed as a decorative entrance gateway feature and traffic calming measure. Shortly after installation, however, they began to break down.

“Over the years, the increasing volume of commercial and heavy trucks caused excessive wear and tear on the pavers. This required frequent repair and replacement, so maintenance became an overriding concern,” recalls Al Ruggero, Project Manager with Emery Business BIA.

Attempts to patch or re-lay the unit pavers proved only temporary fixes. Searching for something more permanent, Emery Village BIA reached out to HSS.

“That’s when we saw an opportunity to put our TrafficPatternsXD enhanced stamped asphalt surfacing system to the test,” recalls Doug Bain, Principal with HSS.

Stamp of Approval

TrafficPatternsXD proved to be an ideal fit for the Emery Village project. The unique aggregate-reinforced formula and specialized preformed thermoplastic material enabled Emery Village BIA to bring its crossings back to life with a durable and decorative asphalt pavement surface with an eye-catching paving stone aesthetic.

“The choice of replacing the pavers with TrafficPatternsXD allowed us to replicate the colour and maintain the crossway paver grid design and gain a low-maintenance product with a longer lifespan,” notes Ruggero. “The material provided us with continuity of design and less traffic disruption in construction than with replacing the pavers or demolishing the concrete base.”

Restoring the unit pavers meant installing TrafficPatternsXD across 440m2 of space. The task fell to the team at Multiseal, who say the results speak for themselves.

“Installing TrafficPatternsXD in environments like this is really rewarding,” recalls Robert Barbieri, General Manager with Multiseal. “This is a busy location, so having a product down that won’t require ongoing maintenance will certainly be appreciated by the local community.”

Barbieri adds that the new surfaces tie in nicely with the other features that the BIA has put together to brand the community with flags, benches and pedestrian spaces.

“We’ve been installing TrafficPatternsXD for almost 12 years now, and we know that this is the perfect application for it,” he adds..

Future Decorative Asphalt Applications

The success of Emery Village BIA’s unit paver restorations has opened new opportunities for TrafficPatternsXD within its district. The organization is considering its use on other BIA applications, noting the material has proven to be an ideal choice for creating traffic-resistant surfaces with the area’s unique Emery Blue branding.

As for Hub Surface Systems, Bain says he’s proud to have helped the Emery Village BIA refresh its streets, and hopes to continue using TrafficPatternsXD to help other communities achieve similar results using patented decorative asphalt high traffic solutions.

“What we love about TrafficPatternsXD is that it can be applied in a broad range of customized patterns and colours, and it really holds up against everything the Canadian climate can throw at it,” says Bain. “We’ve been working with this product for years, and we’re always eager to show what it can do for our partners.”

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