Société de transport du Saguenay (STS)

TrafficPatternsXD for station crosswalks ad pedestrian safety improvements

Societe de transport du Saguenay, Quebec. They operate from the boroughs of Chicoutimi, Jonquière and La Baie. The network covers a large part of the city with interurban links to the townships of Laterrière in the south and Shipshaw and Tremblay in the north.

TrafficPatternsXD is the crosswalk product of choice for many municipalities in Quebec

TrafficPatternsXD has high skid/slip resistance for safety. 

The factory-applied aggregate within the material and additional site surface applied aggregate provides excellent skid/slip resistance. Because anti-skid material is embedded throughout the material, as it slowly wears, new anti-skid elements are exposed.


Product Features:

  • Skid/slip resistant
  • Highly durable & long lasting
  • Resists extreme weather conditions
  • Use in an infinite variety of architectural applications