Decorative Asphalt Plaza
Terry Fox

Port Coquitlam

Terry Fox honored with "hometown" decorative asphalt plaza at new Port Coquitlam community center

The Terry Fox Plaza at Port Coquitlam Community Center, located at the edge of the Coquitlam City, is now officially named Terry Fox Hometown Square. Our StreetBond & DecoMark products were used for the creation of the decorative asphalt plaza, honoring Terry Fox and his legacy. 

The map was built with StreetBond150 coatings system and the provincial location markers were made with DecoMark, connected by purple stamped brick connecting pathways.Both StreetBond & DecoMark products are long lasting and apply to a wide range of use cases for creative and functional applications for public streetscapes, businesses, schools, cities municipalities, BIAs, home renovations, public art projects and more.

Location: Port Coquitlam BC, Canada
Project Installation by: Square One Paving
Products: StreetBond150 / DecoMark
Installation Date: October 2021

Terry Fox decorative asphalt plaza: map created with StreetBond150® advanced coatings for asphalt & concrete

With 25 years of experience in specialized asphalt coating development, StreetBond™- Advanced Coatings have been proven in a variety of conditions in over 40 countries worldwide. StreetBond™ bonds permanently to asphalt and concrete surfaces to provide both a durable and decorative finish that is low- maintenance and a finish that protects and extends the life of the pavement.

terry fox drone shot

Durable Preformed Thermoplastic
Custom Wayfinding and Horizontal Surface Markings

DecoMark is a Custom Wayfinding and Horizontal Surface Markings and graphics solution with application to both asphalt and concrete. DecoMark has a wide range of potential applications including: way-finding devices, traffic guidance markings, park and pathway directional markings. It is also ideal for brand extension and enhancement in retail commercial parking lots. Engineered to last 6 to 8 times longer than paint in areas exposed to traffic and even longer in areas with only pedestrian traffic

horizontal branding