Decorative Asphalt
for Communities

Adding Curb Appeal to a New or Old Surface

If you're a business improvement association (BIA) stakeholder and interested in impactful brand enhancement for your community, our architectural hardscape systems may be the perfect solution for you.

Add curb appeal using decorative asphalt for communities. In this article, we’ll discuss what we have to offer you and how it can visually enhance your brand, business, and community. We will also provide tips on how to choose the right products for your project.


Our products are designed for application to asphalt paving and concrete surfaces to enhance your communities brand and add unique curb appeal to your commercial area. Add distinction to your BIA, enhance the public’s awareness and attract more potential customers!


Decorative asphalt for communities are a great way to add some extra flair to your Business Improvement Area. These spaces are often overlooked as a canvas. 


With our systems, you can choose from a variety of colours and designs including custom ones to create a look that’s uniquely perfect for your community. Decorative asphalt and concrete can improve many areas within a BIA.

Community centers and sports courts are also great locations for architectural hardscape treatments! Here are some other examples of common areas that may benefit:

Get Enhanced Curb Appeal!

When it comes to choosing a company to work with on your project, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind, as not ALL are created equal.

First, you will want to consider is the company’s experience. How long have they been working with decorative asphalt and concrete? Do they have a portfolio of past projects that you can look at? A company with a lot of experience will be able to help you choose the right type of decorative asphalt for your community and provide guidance on installation. HUB Surface Systems will help make sure your BIA project pairs the right products with the right application and qualified installers on time and on budget.


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Decorative Asphalt for Communities:
Create lasting impressions with TrafficScapes™ Interconnected Surface Systems

TrafficScapes™ is a portfolio of highly durable preformed thermoplastic stamped asphalt pavement marking material engineered for durability, safety, and aesthetics for the Streetscape and Business Improvement Association beautification and branding markets designed to:

• Improve traffic safety, especially at intersections, crosswalks and multi-use paths

• Enhance visibility for pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists

• Provide design elements that complement a BIA Complete Streets plan

• Pedestrian Channelization through busy commercial areas including parking lots

• Promote and/or revitalize community brand image

• Attract new business development and enhance livable communities

• Create attractive traffic calming devices

Each product offers its own unique application and performance approach to streetscape projects where shared roadway safety and aesthetic appeal need to work together.

TrafficPatterns® & DecoMark® Interconnected Surface Systems

TrafficPatterns® and DecoMark® are highly customizable and durable preformed thermoplastic pavement marking materials used to promote and/or revitalize community image and pride by way of a wide range of custom-designed applications including:


  • Horizontal wayfinding
  • Business Improvement Association (BIA) custom branding and public art

Summary Benefits

  • Preformed Thermoplastic engineered with safety, durability & aesthetics in mind
  • Designed to improve traffic safety at intersections and multi-use paths
  • Preformed Thermoplastic enhances visibility for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Preformed Thermoplastic creates attractive walkways in pedestrian and parking areas
Decorative asphalt crosswalk UBC

TrafficPatterns® + StreetBond® Interconnected Surface Systems

StreetPrint – Genuine Stamped Asphalt is a process that consists of stamping a template into a freshly placed or re-heated asphalt surface followed by the application of StreetBond 150, an advanced coating system for asphalt. StreetPrint creates beautiful decorative surfaces that are very attractive and durable, providing many years of maintenance-free beauty.

Imprinted asphalt provides an alternative to expensive decorative paving products without compromising aesthetic quality or durability. It allows you to create realistic-looking brick, slate, stone, or other design effects directly on an asphalt base.

StreetPrint is faster, easier, and less labor-intensive to install than other decorative paving surfaces. Plus, you can install it on existing asphalt surfaces in good condition which can save on asphalt pavement removal costs.

Summary Benefits

  • Durability
  • Maintenance Savings
  • Seamless Repairs
  • Extended Asphalt Life
  • Lower Initial Cost. Efficient installation methods save labor costs
  • Decorative Appeal. A wide range of patterns and colors can be combined to create unique and eye-catching designs.
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StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coatings

StreetBond150® Advanced Coatings for Asphalt & Concrete — bond permanently to asphalt or concrete pavement surfaces and were developed with balanced performance characteristics in mind. Ensuring quality results and enduring beauty of your projects for years to come.


High-performance StreetBond150® advanced coatings for asphalt and concrete are specially formulated. On one hand, they are flexible enough to move with the pavement surface but hard enough to withstand wear. Skid/slip-resistant and UV stable colours provide safety and enduring beauty to your BIA.

Summary Benefits

Flexible:  Unlike most pavement coatings, StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coating works with the normal expansion and contraction of asphalt surfaces and will not peel, delaminate, or shrink-crack (when installed per manufacturer’s installation specifications)*


Durable:  StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coating is tough enough to withstand traffic wear, highly resistant to water damage, and has excellent adhesion characteristics that outperform other decorative pavement coating products*


Environmentally Responsible:  StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coating is non-toxic, fully recyclable, and water-based; it has very low volatile organic content (VOC) and meets Southern California Air Quality Management District regulations (SCAQMD), the most stringent environmental air pollution regulations in the U.S. 


Chemical Resistant:  StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coating is resistant to damage and deterioration when exposed to fuel, engine oil, and deicing agents*


Color Stability: StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coating incorporates UV-stable pigments that are fade-resistant when exposed to harsh sunlight*


Friction:  StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coating has excellent friction properties, resulting in slip- and skid-resistant colored pavement surfaces that exceed all government-regulated vehicle skid-resistance requirements*


*See StreetBond® 1-Year Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.