Complete Streets

For Landscape Architecture

Complete Streets for Front Street Mews in the City of New Westminster, BC

A contemporary, pedestrian-friendly complete streets redevelopment completed in 2017 that includes contemporary architectural hardscape, complete streets, widened sidewalks, street furniture, lighting, street trees, traffic-calming, stormwater planters, and angled parking.


Portions of a parkade were removed and the old Frontage Road was redesigned as a “Mews”. The Mews is now an attractive, safe and pedestrian-friendly street which residents and merchants alike can be proud. A continuous pavement treatment for the street and sidewalk reinforces the idea of a ‘Complete Streets’ (i.e. designed to facilitate a wide range of activities including local access, pedestrian, and bicycle movement, social interaction, commercial and restaurant activity).

The architectural hardscape elements of contrasting grey bands throughout both the street and sidewalk portions of the Mews were accomplished with TrafficPatterns Preformed Thermoplastic for the roadway areas and StreetBond150 – Pavement Coatings for Asphalt & Concrete for the concrete sidewalk areas. TrafficPatterns and StreetBond Pavement Coatings are part of a diverse range of highly durable decorative hardscape treatments that are used extensively for a wide range of Complete Streets and other decorative hardscape redevelopments throughout Canada and around the world.

The complete streets redevelopment design for the Front Street Mews was based on the following principles:

  1. Create a unique destination that attracts people and enhances the downtown experience.
  2. Create complete streets where people choose to stay.
  3. Retain a sense of industrial character.
  4. Create a mixed modal/shared street.
  5. Design the street to be safe, serviceable and accessible.
  6. Provide adequate parking to support businesses.
  7. Address issues identified by stakeholder groups and the community.
  8. Create an engaging street edge with future development.
  9. Create a street that’s flexible to accommodate a variety of program uses.
  10. Integrate with the surrounding street network with strong connections to the waterfront.

Installation by Square One Paving Ltd.