Enhanced Parking Lot Surfaces

Durable Crosswalks for Enhanced Parking Lot Surfaces & Traffic Calming Devices

TrafficPatternsXD – Durable Crosswalks and Traffic Calming Devices incorporate a specialized preformed thermoplastic material manufactured by Ennis Flint – North America’s largest supplier of roadway markings and paint. TrafficPatternsXD incorporates a unique aggregate-reinforced formula with unprecedented wear resistance. The result is a traffic-tough decorative asphalt pavement surface that provides brick or paving stone like aesthetic without the maintenance issues.

Home Depot Canada treats storefront with enhanced asphalt surfaces using TrafficPatternsXD

With the high flow of vehicles and pedestrians, running out to get that one thing they’ve forgotten…. or the thirty things they need. Home Depot Canada has opted to treat the storefront of their newest location in Peel Region with the TrafficPatternsXD system.  With proven performance in high traffic environments, the MHBC group selected the right treatment for this application.

Historically, paint is used in these applications, but this can cause a slippery surface and quite quickly loose the intended visual impact for both drivers and pedestrians.  Thinking outside of the (big) box…. ( I know, terrible ) MHBC specified the TrafficPatternsXD material and the project was installed by Multiseal Paving out of Toronto.  With some creative solutions to the early start to winter, a tent was put in place to temporarily heat the area and allow the material to be installed for the grand opening.