Performance Crosswalks for
Asphalt & Concrete

High Performance Crosswalks

TrafficPatternsXD Performance Crosswalks for Asphalt & Concrete

TrafficPatternXD is an aggregate reinforced thermoplastic imprinted asphalt system designed to create enhanced crosswalks and traffic calming devices that stand up under high traffic and adverse weather condition. It has become the performance crosswalk for asphalt & concrete  crosswalk material of choice for many cities and private developers across Canada. There is probably no better solution available that marries the goals of increasing attractiveness and safety of crosswalks with performance. TrafficPatternsXD accomplishes all this at less capital cost and reduced maintenance costs over the crosswalk life cycle when compared to alternatives such a stamped concrete and pavers.

Kelowna installed it’s first TrafficPatternsXD Crosswalk 13 years ago. Since then over 80 crosswalks have been installed throughout the city core with plans for more in 2017.


Recently on a trip to Kelowna, we documented the performance of various roadway marking materials used by the city, comparing wear characteristics of extruded thermoplastic, standard preformed thermoplastic regulatory line material, Methylmethacrylate (MMA) which is commonly used for green bike lane treatment, and TrafficPatternsXD. Images of two locations in high volume roadways in the city center are provided in the slideshow below:

The City of Kelowna has been increasing the attractiveness, accessibility, and safety of different active transportation modes. Designing streets to serve a broader range of transportation modes, focusing on pedestrian safety, cyclists and transit service.