Solar Reflective Hardscapes | LEED

Reduce your carbon footprint and play safe, with LEED Solar Reflective Coatings

Solar reflective hardscapes, school playground and community park surfaces that are creative, colorful and cool.


Asphalt pavement solar reflective hardscapes are an ideal medium for school playground and community park playground hardscapes both economically and practically.


However black asphalt doesn’t exactly enhance park or playground landscape. It’s also uncomfortably hot in the summer. Hot bare feet can’t even walk on it some of the time. Hot asphalt is also environmentally unfriendly because it contributes to Urban Heat Island Effect. Now you can make your school playground and community park hardscape surfaces solar reflective, keeping Kid’s cool and safe while at the same time realizing environmental benefits with StreetBond – Solar Reflective Coatings for Asphalt.

StreetBondSR LEED® Compliant Coatings have Solar Reflective Characteristics
that Facilitate Sustainable Hardscape Design

StreetBondSR™ LEED® Compliant Coatings – have solar reflective characteristics that reduce Urban Heat Island Effect by minimizing the amount of solar energy absorbed by asphalt pavement surfaces such as parking lots and playgrounds. Reducing Heat Island Effect helps minimize the impact on micro-climate through the use of asphalt hardscape surfacing material with high solar reflectance, and can contribute to project LEED® credits.


Pavement surfaces are a leading cause of Urban Heat Island Effect contributing roughly 30-40% of the urban footprint. Reducing Heat Island Effect lowers energy consumption and can cut air conditioning bills up to 33%.i Not to mention, cooler pavements mean safer more comfortable pavements as well.

StreetBondSR – Solar Reflective Coatings for Asphalt are available in a range of both light and dark colours and can contribute LEED® credits to sustainable construction projects.  An ideal and affordable solution for green park and playground hardscape design.

StreetBond coatings have been used to colour coat asphalt surfaces in Canada for 25 years. They have high friction properties and resist peeling, cracking and colour fade for years to come.


Solar reflective surfaces are an ideal medium for playground and park hardscapes both economically and practically.


From beautifully simple to artistic, create, cool park and playground surfaces with streetBondSR. Remember, Cooler Pavements Mean Safer More Comfortable Pavements!