Decorative Paving
for Townhomes

Townhome Branding

Decorative Paving for Townhomes at the Windsor Gate development in Coquitlam installed by Square One Paving Ltd, was developed for the Windsor Gate, Masterplanned Community in Coquitlam by Polygon Realty

This design incorporates a StampedAsphalt substrate, coloured and sealed with our SreetBond coating system, and features the official WindsorGate Logo in three colours.

Windsor Gate represents just one example of how our products are used to create attractive corporate and community branding applications, that are highly durable, long-lasting, cost-efficient.

StreetPrint — Genuine Stamped Asphalt — Decorative Paving for Townhomes, is the superior decorative surface solution, that cannot be attained with brick pavers, stone, or concrete


StreetPrint – Genuine Stamped Asphalt — Decorative Paving for Townhomes, is a process which consists of stamping a template into a freshly placed or re-heated asphalt surface followed by the application of StreetBond 150, an advanced coating system for asphalt. StreetPrint creates beautiful decorative surfaces that are very attractive and durable, providing many years of maintenance free beauty.

StreetPrint is faster, easier and less labor intensive to install than other decorative paving surfaces. Plus, you can install it to existing asphalt surfaces in good condition which can save on asphalt pavement removal costs.


Heat asphalt using an specialized infrared heater


– Press woven steel templates into warm asphalt using a plate compactor and then remove


– Coat with StreetBond coatings to preserve and beautify asphalt surface