Decorative Asphalt for Rutland Centennial Park Kelowna

StreetBond for decorative asphalt surfaces

StreetBond decorative asphalt coatings provide a cost effective way to created outstanding surface applications that are attractive, durable, and highly visible. StreetBond, bonds permanently to aspahlt and concrete, when mixed with StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coating Part B and StreetBond® Colorant to asphalt surfaces, to provide both an enduring, aesthetic finish as well as a low-maintenance surface that helps protect and extend the life of the pavement.

Rutland Centennial Park Upgrades

The fourth and final phase of construction of Rutland Centennial Park revitalization will be completed in 2021. This final phase is adding a basketball court, an event stage,  walking paths, washroom building, and landscaping of the remaining  areas of the park. 

The new upgrades will ensure the park continues to contribute to an inclusive, vibrant and growing community for many generations to come. 


Bain, Principal with Hub Surface Systems, which supplies StreetBond150 to clients across Canada.

The benefits of cool surface coatings are well documented. The U.S. Transportation Research Board, for example, states that a surface coating such as StreetBond reduces the maximum temperature of the asphalt and protects it from oxidation, thereby extending its useful life. Moreover, the agency has noted that the material’s low VOC (volatile organic compound) composition makes it an eco-friendly choice.

“There is push towards sustainable materials that contribute to their environment,” says Bain. “That’s why we see products like this applied in more and more projects.”

material and additional site surface applied aggregate provides excellent skid/slip resistance. Because anti-skid material is embedded throughout the material, as it slowly wears, new anti-skid elements are exposed.


Installation by: SquareOne

Coatings in style

Decorative asphalt surfaces and materials are in high demand. So too, are coatings that can match a project’s visual design. StreetBond can be produced with a wide range of colours to match virtually any vision.


Flexibility is a big plus for designers when choosing materials. StreetBond can be applied in bright vibrant colours as well as earth tones, and neutral colours. We supply over 50 signature colours that can provide a custom palette for a unique look.