Best Crosswalks Canada TrafficPatternsXD

High Durability Crosswalks

We create the best crosswalks in Canada that are durable, decorative and safe. The smart crosswalk solution for Canadian Municipalities and Commercial Parking Lots

More and more Canadian communities and commercial parking lot owners are looking to enhance their brand, streetscapes and parking lot attractiveness and safety. Finding practical treatments for attractive hardscapes that do not result in long-term maintenance liabilities can be a challenge. The proven performance of TrafficPatterns XD speaks volumes to why it is the solution for the best crosswalks in Canada.

Traditional decorative crosswalk material such as stamped concrete and cementitious pavers in street and parking lot environments can be the cause of liabilities and ongoing maintenance costs.  Specifically when placing different pavement materials side by side within a roadway or commercial parking lot where pavement heave and settlement is potentially an issue.

Better Crosswalks for Canada – Consider why TrafficPatternsXD is the solution:


Accessibility & Maintenance

TrafficPatternsXD is installed to the monolithic asphalt pavement surface so structural integrity of the overall pavement surface is maintained. Eliminating heave/settlement issues common to stamped concrete and paver systems. The result is a smooth, snowplow-proof, slip resistant, ‘trip-free’ pedestrian and wheelchair-friendly surface.


Skid/Slip (coefficient of friction) resistance
  • Exceeds MOT requirements
FAST installation
  • Means minimal traffic and community disruption – crosswalks installed and open to traffic in a matter of hours, not days or weeks
Easily Repairable
  • Fast and seamless replacement when things such as utility cuts become an issue
  • Over 15 years of proven performance on Canadian roadways in Canadian climates

Durable Crosswalks & Traffic Calming Devices That Exceed Performance Expectations

TrafficPatternsXD – is the best crosswalk paving option for calming traffic and adding aesthetic appeal to your development project. TrafficPatternsXD uses a specialized preformed thermoplastic material manufactured by Ennis Flint – North America’s largest supplier of roadway markings and paint. It uses a unique aggregate-reinforced formula with unprecedented wear resistance. The result is a traffic-tough decorative asphalt pavement surface that provides brick or paving stone like aesthetic without the maintenance issues.

Ideal decorative hardscape stamped asphalt treatment designed for for use in Canadian Roadways and Commercial Parking Lots. 


Some decorative and safety enhancement treatments include:



Application of TrafficPatternsXD is a stamped asphalt process done by HUB Recommended Applicators. The 2 ft. x 2 ft. sheets of material are positioned on the non-stamped, prepared asphalt surface. The material is heated to allow proper embedment of the anti-skid elements. A specialized grid (stamping template) is impressed into the material. A wide range of standard as well as custom patterns and colours are available.