Residential Decorative Paving for Driveways & Townhomes

Horizontal Branding

Make your Residential Townhouse Developments stand out from the competition with Cost Effective Residential Decorative Paving Treatments.


Your home buyers are looking for a unique curb appeal presence. You need a way to differentiate your residential development projects from all the others.



It seems that setting yourself apart today means overrunning your development budget, but it doesn’t need to. HUB Surface Systems offers a wide range of decorative hardscape treatments that will help you transform your residential development project into a showcase with outstanding curb appeal. A variety of products that can do everything traditional hardscaping decorative paving materials such as pavers and stamped concrete can do – and more. 



HUB offers residential developers unlimited design options using products with outstanding durability and safety characteristics. You can use these proven decorative paving solutions to change boring blacktop into attention-getting hardscapes that will appeal to home buyers.



  • Increase curb appeal of properties
  • Differentiate your properties
  • Enjoy durable and cost-effective decorative paving solutions
  • Create attractive parking lots, roadways and pedestrian pathways including decorative crosswalks and traffic calming devices
  • Develop a signature look that can include custom brand extension and way-finding solutions

Low-Cost Townhouse Paved Surface Renovation


Improve the visual appeal of your existing Townhome complex. Replacing failed asphalt paving, paving stone or stamped concrete surfaces is fast, cost-effective and simple. Our Canada-wide network of recommended installers has extensive experience and expertise in decorative asphalt products and processes. Property Managers will appreciate that they can economically replace or renew older pavement by either replicating the existing look and colour or create an entirely new and refreshing look. Installation is clean, fast, efficient and Low Maintenance

HUB’s decorative stamped asphalt paving systems provides developers with affordable, low maintenance architectural landscape features. There is no risk that water could seep underneath paver blocks or into concrete joints and crack, break or lift the surfaces. Our products and chemical and salt-damage resistant as well. Decorative asphalt is a waterproof continuous surface that flexes with changing weather, keeping sidewalks, crosswalks and parking lots safe, smooth and slip/trip-free. If anything should damage the surface, it is easily (and inexpensively) repaired through a simple heating, re-imprinting, and re-coating process.