Community Spaces

The City of Vancouver recognized these eight blocks of Commercial Drive as Vancouver’s historic Little Italy, so we wanted to give some definition to the area. 
The Little Italy project has been really well received both by residents, Vancouverites, and tourists that are visiting the city.
Community spaces


Many areas have a long history but with the changing of businesses over time or the introduction of many chain stores, struggle to convince visitors of their heritage. Community spaces can be a perfect opportunity to brand an area and increase user thoroughfare. It makes an immediate impression on first time visitors and also helps remind long-term residents of the unique aspects of the neighbourhood, helping local businesses. These local improvements can be great to rollout on special occasions and have the added benefit of being long-term easy to maintain visual markers which are aesthetically pleasing.

The problem

The city of Vancouver and local businesses wanted to celebrate the Italian heritage on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

Stakeholders: City of Vancouver, local Business Improvement Association (BIA)


After discussing this with all various stakeholders. HUBSS representatives understood that the following were very important performance indicators for the success of the project.


The designs should be well detailed

The colours should be vibrant and remain vibrant for a long period of time
The material should be able to endure high amounts of foot traffic and vehicle traffic, including cars and busses
Fast installation
The installation should be quick so as not to cause long-term disruption to a high value area
Low maintenance

The installations should be permanent and require little maintenance


Decomark was used to provide surface markings and brand the pedestrian areas with Little Italy. Crosswalks were decorated with TrafficPatterns, which provided a vibrant tricolour pedestrian crossing at three major crosswalks.
The durable preformed thermoplastic pavement markets provided the perfect solution for the product requirements and will remain a notable feature of Little Italy, helping clearly demarcate it in an engaging way for both visitors and residents.

The result:

Clear and beautiful new installations that were even featured in local newspapers.

What's next?

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