Community Branding

Providing high-quality, customizable surfaces that can help enhance the visual appeal and identity of public spaces.

Whether it’s creating colorful crosswalks, decorative paving patterns, or customized logos and graphics, we strive to create distinctive and memorable elements that reflect the unique character and values of a community.
Community branding


When constructing residential areas or single properties, the exterior and surroundings are what people notice first. With a residential group of properties, careful branding is important not only for property values but to differentiate from other properties and increase buyer interest while also increasing residential satisfaction. This is where Streetprint can make a significant difference. By applying Streetprint to driveways and roadways, it is possible to have durable, highly visible branding that residents and potential buyers will notice immediately. Streetprint provides a solution that brick paving, stone or concrete cannot achieve.

The problem

A newly planned community by Polygon Realty called Windsor Gate, Masterplanned Community was looking for branding on roadways surrounding the series of properties to help increase the feeling of community and to reinforce the branding of the property. Windsor Gate, Masterplanned Community is a group of properties that have a central club and the connected properties needed to look like an integrated neighborhood.

Stakeholders: Polygon Realty, Windsor Gate development, Square One Paving, Residents


After discussing this with all various stakeholders. HUBSS representatives understood that the following were very important performance indicators for the success of the project.

Visual & emotional appeal
Urban areas should look inviting and friendly
The properties should have a distinct feel that suggest the calming and luxury lifestyle that accompanies living in the properties.
High durability
They should demonstrate quality while being highly durable so that wear and tear will not degrade from the exterior aesthetics of the property.
At HUBSS, we understand that projects like these are essential as the equivalent of storefronts for property. They act as a way of introducing a property or neighborhood, even before a person enters a property. As such it is essential to implement solutions that are perfectly aligned with the solution and intent.


StreetPrint, using Genuine Stamped Asphalt was used to create a brick road like aesthetic that also incorporated the properties logo mark onto road surfaces near the property. Using the tricolor design of the logo for the property and seamlessly incorporating it into walkways and dividers, created a type of natural boundary. It is immediately apparent to anyone entering the property that there is a high quality of living to be had in the properties beyond this visual boundary. StreetPrint’s beautiful designs provided the versatility and design freedom to build these visuals directly into the exterior that all visitors and residents will be welcomed by.

The result:

Beautiful and noticeable streets that resemble a brick-lined provincial way of life, all the way in the middle of Coquitlam. The roads immediately engage visitors with their warm aesthetics and the branding makes it clear that visitors have entered a neighborhood.

What's next?


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