Enhanced Pavement Surfacing with TrafficPatternsXD

Enhanced Pavement Surfacing for Level Medians

Used by municipalities all across southern Ontario since  2007, TrafficPatternsXD has developed a solid reputation of high performance and adaptability to almost any enhanced crosswalk requirement in almost any environment. Below are examples of its use in Toronto and Montreal.Toronto Signs and Pavement Markings has this to say about TrafficPatternsXD:


The City of Toronto is active in the implementation of measures to increase pedestrian safety and maintain mobility. Throughout the years it has tried and tested several varying signs and markings applications, one of which was the inlaid XD markings. Since their installation in 2008, the markings have remained very visible, thereby maintaining positive guidance for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.”


Allen Pinkerton, Manager Signs and Pavement Markings City of Toronto

New England TrafficPatternsXD performance profiles can be found HERE

City of Kelowna, BC TrafficPatternsXD Performance Profiles can be found HERE

Enhanced Pavement Surfacing with TrafficPatternsXD & Traffic Calming Devices that Exceed Performance Expectations

Extreme Pavement Surfacing with TrafficPatternsXD  Durable Crosswalks and Traffic Calming Devices incorporate a specialized preformed thermoplastic material manufactured by Ennis Flint – North America’s largest supplier of roadway markings and paint. TrafficPatternsXD incorporates a unique aggregate-reinforced formula with unprecedented wear resistance. The result is a traffic-tough decorative asphalt pavement surface that provides brick or paving stone like aesthetic without the maintenance issues.


TrafficPatternsXD™ is:


High Skid/Slip Resistant For Safety
The factory-applied aggregate within the material and additional site surface applied aggregate provides excellent skid/slip resistance. Because anti-skid material is embedded throughout the material, as it slowly wears, new anti-skid elements are exposed.


Fast to install
Means minimal traffic and community disruption – stamped asphalt crosswalks installed and open to traffic in a matter of hours not days or weeks.


Highly Durable
TrafficPatternsXD™ is field proven over many years in Canadian roadways and designed for extreme high traffic and weather conditions crosswalks and traffic calming device surfaces.


Easy to Maintain
The pavement markings TrafficPatternsXD is installed within the monolithic asphalt pavement surface so no unevenness occurs over time due to settlement. The result is a smooth ‘trip-free’ pedestrian and wheelchair-friendly surface.


  • Eliminates The Maintenance And Safety Concerns Of Loose Pavers And Slippery Stamped Concrete
  • Repairs If Necessary Can Be Made With Minimal Traffic Disruption

Installed by Certified Applicators
We train and monitor a network of certified applicators so you can be confident your project will be installed on time, on budget and to the highest standards of quality.


Manufacture Controled
All preformed thermoplastic materials are made at Ennis Flint’s manufacturing facility which is ISO 9001:2008 certified for design, development and manufacturing.