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Did you know? Asphalt, asphalt, asphalt

Take a moment and think about all the traditional traffic calming applications that have been used to date in roadways, medians, islands, roundabouts…. now have a Zen moment and clear your mind.


Asphalt.  Yep, asphalt offers so many positive attributes, but it’s hardly ever considered, as it’s usually black and boring.  Well, we can change all of that with a variety of different treatments that have been specifically designed for use on asphalt.  Whether it’s an on-street traffic calming, such as a flush median, or it’s a truck apron for a roundabout… we have options for you to consider.  By selecting one of these systems, you have reduced your operations budgets, liabilities, and preserved your underlying pavment, giving you a longer life cycle!

The StreetPrint system allows you to heat and soften an existing asphalt surface, stamp the design you like into it and then colour it with StreetBond, in any colour your heart desires ( yep, any colour! ).  This system is designed for lower traffic environments and excels in medians, salt strips,  roundabouts, parks, etc.

Should you need something a little tougher, we move over to our aggregate reinforced, pre-formed thermoplastic systems.  TrafficPatterns allows you to heat fuse your design directly to the surface of the pavement, and the TrafficPatternsXD system incorporates a stamping process as well, giving you the look of a traditional paving stone.