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StreetBond – Coating for Asphalt & Concrete Fixes Faulty Concrete Entry Installation

StreetBond150 – Concrete Repair Product of Choice for New Corporate Head Office Entrance Area

Improper installation of concrete entry and pathways to a new corporate head office in Calgary resulted in concrete surface discolouration and hairline cracking. The project designer and owner used StreetBond as the concrete repair product to solve the problem.

Concrete hardscape prior to treatment with StreetBond150


Glossworks Alberta installed StreetBond150 – Specialized Coatings for Asphalt and Concrete, to the surface in a custom colour that matched the surrounding concrete surfaces. StreetBond has excellent proven adhesion characteristics to concrete and when installed to specification will not peel, fade, de-laminate or shrink-crack. Excellent friction properties assures a non-slip/skid surface. Installation by spray and ‘back-brooming is quick. StreetBond it a water-based product that poses no environmental concerns.

StreetBond is available in a wide range of standard and custom colours. In use for almost thirty years around the world for the colourization of asphalt and concrete, it was originally developed in Canada. It is designed to perform in harsh winter environments and provide years of maintenance free performance under demanding conditions. It is used extensively throughout Canada in wide range of hardscape applications. Please click HERE for more example of how StreetBond is used.

Concrete hardscape after installation of StreetBond150