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Parking Lot Surfaces – Enhanced Brand, Wayfinding and Safety Solutions


Toronto, ON

Providing a wide range of decorative solutions for parking lot surfaces such as entrance areas, pedestrian channelization, retail store entrance features and custom way-finding solutions, Our extensive range of proven parking lot treatments are available for both asphalt and concrete surfaces. They are durable, safe, design flexible and cost effective.


Richmond, BC

Consider the Benefits

Durable Parking Lots

From Asphalt and Concrete Colourization to Durable Decorative Stamped Asphalt we can match beautification with performance-over-time expectations. Solutions that are designed to


Langley, BC

work in a wide range of wear and Canadian weather conditions. Carefully developed, tested and field proven, our systems are ideal in commercial parking lots for:

  • Enhanced Crosswalks
  • Pedestrian Channelization
  • Traffic Calming Device Treatments
  • Feature Entranceways
  • Branded Way-finding and more.

Practical Parking Lots


Montreal, PQ

Our Commercial Parking Lot treatments that make economic sense.

Quick and efficient installations that are installed to new or existing asphalt and concrete surfaces mean your parking lot project is finished faster.

Proven durability in Canadian parking lots means long life which translates into savings over time. Our ‘Right Product – Right Place’ solutions means your parking lot enhancements will provide safe, high visibility pedestrian

Don Mills, ON

channelization and beautiful feature areas that stand the test of time

Safe Parking Lots

Durable decorative treatments that enhance commercial parking lot Traffic Calming, by working to slow traffic, effectively channelize pedestrians and reinforce pedestrian visibility.

Our parking lot treatments do not cause surface heaving and settlement. They provide skid/slip resistant, smooth trip-free surfaces over time  resulting in improved Pedestrian Safety.

Edmonton, AB

Sustainable Parking Lots

All our hardscape enhancement products are non-toxic, 100% recyclable and exceed the most stringent government standards for volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Solar reflective technology works with even darker colours and helps reduce urban heat island effect, contributing to more livable communities by making pavement surfaces cooler. We provide the unique StreetBond Solar Reflective Technology  for asphalt pavement surfaces that mitigates Urban Heat Island Effect and also contributes to LEED® Credits.

Bold Beautiful Commercial Brand Enhanced Parking Lots

Extend you corporate brand for store front to parking lot. Durable customized surface mounted DecoMark is ideal for things such as brand-enhanced way-finding elements. Which can be the difference between a professional and positive customer experience and one that frustrates and diminishes the brand they try to serve.