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Green Bike Lane Pavement Markings Treatments

A range of green preferential bike lane solutions that minimize cost and maximize performance

The use of dedicated bike lane pavement markings in Canada continues to expand from standard symbols to the rapidly evolving application of colored lane treatments. With favorable reception from both bicyclists and vehicle drivers, municipalities are including bike lane pavement markings when planning or enhancing their bicycle infrastructure because of reported positive results demonstrated in various efficacy studies across the country. Colored treatments increase the visibility of the preferential lane, identify potential areas of conflict, and promote clear understanding of the dedicated lane’s purpose for all shared roadway users.

Enhance visibility and safety awareness for all shared roadway users… pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and transit users.


Ride A Way
Epoxy Modified AcrylicMMAPreformed Thermoplastic
Ideal for corridor treatments along the length of a bike lane with low vehicle traffic.  Ideal for long lane areas with low to high vehicle traffic including cross-over points such as parking lot entries/exits along the corridor.Ideal for intersections, bike boxes, and conflict points with high volumes of vehicle traffic and lane crossings.  


HUB Surface Solutions offers several types of green priority bike lane solutions that maximize performance and value for the various areas of a bicycle transportation network. Consideration for optimal use should be based upon the scope of the product and the specific project.