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Learn the advantages about concrete hardscape, renewal and resurfacing. Reach us today!

Ideal for concrete driveway repair, new or existing commercial concrete hardscape rejuvenation or cost effective city streetscape renewal, StreetBond is the ideal choice for renewing your exterior concrete hardscape surfaces.

StreetBond – Advanced Coatings for Asphalt and Concrete can be applied to new or existing exterior concrete hardscape surfaces. It hides defects caused by concrete curing issues and renews concrete surfaces after repairs such as crack filling, spall repair due to salt damage or major patch work repairs.

Consider it’s benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion characteristics to most concrete surfaces – will not peel or crack. 
  • Wear Resistance – StreetBond Coatings have over 25 years of field proven performance in the most demanding Canadian conditions
  • Salt and Chemical Resistance – Prevents spalling and erosion of the underlying concrete pavement from surface erosion, and damage caused by salts and chemicals
  • Choose Your Colour – Available in a wide range of UV stable standard and custom colours.
  • Environmentally Safe – Waterborne polymer composition means it’s safe to use and doesn’t harm the environment.


StreetBond will make defects and repairs in your exterior concrete surfaces disappear, protects it and will last for many years.