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Residential Concrete Driveway Repair & Renewal

With StreetBond – Advanced Coatings for Asphalt and Concrete, residential concrete driveway repair & renewal will be attractive, economical to do and will last for years.

Calgary based StreetBond Certified Applicator, Glossworks Alberta is very busy repairing residential  entrances and driveways these days.

From general wear and tear to cracking caused by freeze/thaw cycles and pitting (spalling) caused by de-icing chemicals and salts, concrete home entrances and driveways can end up looking pretty old and tired in a few short seasons and replacing them is a very expensive exercise.

So it’s no wonder Glossworks is busy. Using a high quality materials they fix the cracks , fill in all the imperfections and apply StreetBond150  over the entire home entry way and driveway surface in the home owners colour of choice.  It quickly and economically provides completely renewed street appeal to you home that will last for years.


Consider it’s benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion characteristics to most concrete surfaces – will not peel or crack. 
  • Wear Resistance – StreetBond Coatings have over 25 years of field proven performance in the most demanding Canadian conditions, providing years of maintenance free and attractive concrete driveway performance.
  • Salt and Chemical Resistance – Prevents spalling and erosion of the underlying concrete pavement from wear/weather caused surface erosion, and damage caused by salts and chemicals.
  • Skid and Slip Resistant Driveway Surface – NOT slippery when wet!
  • Choose Your Colour – Available in a wide range of UV stable standard and custom colours.
  • Environmentally Safe – Water-borne polymer composition means it’s safe to use and doesn’t harm the environment.

If you live in the Calgary area, you’re in luck! Call Glossworks for more information. Anyone elsewhere in Canada you can contact us for more information.