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Decorative Asphalt Coating (Brewers Park)

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StreetBond decorative asphalt coatings provide a cost effective way to created outstanding surface applications that are attractive, durable, and highly visible. StreetBond, bonds permanently to aspahlt and concrete, when mixed with StreetBond® SB150 Pavement Coating Part B and StreetBond® Colorant to asphalt surfaces, to provide both an enduring, aesthetic finish as well as a low-maintenance surface that helps protect and extend the life of the pavement.

A Decorative Coating Systems for Asphalt and Concrete at Brewers

The Vancouver Park Board is renewing Brewers Park, a 3-acre neighbourhood park on the west side of Victoria Drive, one block north of Kingsway. The park is expected to see increased use in the near future as the result of ongoing densification along the Kingsway corridor, while continuing to support neighbourhood services provided by groups like the Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House

Installation by: SquareOne Paving Inc.

Improvements to the park include:

  • New playground complete with a water feature
  • New multi-sport court
  • New community garden with raised planters
  • New trees, seating areas, and picnic tables
  • Improvements to accessibility and circulation
  • A stormwater feature
  • Resurfaced tennis courts
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