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GloPuck – Photo Luminescent Pathway Lighting

Introducing GloPuck – Next generation photo luminescent pathway lighting.

GloPucks are the energy and cost efficient solution for visual night guidance in park pathways, parking lots and roadways. When electricity is limited in supply use our UV generated light source to find your way in the dark.

pathway-lighting-glopuck-canada-photo1This small, versatile disc of light uses Photo Luminescent Technology to highlight pathway and road surfaces at night. Perfect for outdoor areas such as park pathways or parking stalls vehicle and pedestrian channelization, GloPucks are permanent fixtures, easily adhered to any surface. GlowPucks can be installed flush into asphalt surfaces, so no issues with trip points or snowplow shear.

Where electricity is limited in supply or intermittent in availability, use our self generating light source to find your way in the dark. Photo luminescent pathway lighting requires no conventional electrical lighting. So it is an operating cost free and effective glow-in-the-dark lighting solution.











Additionally GloPucks discs are not necessarily restricted to strictly ground use. They are easily and securely applied to vertical surfaces as well.

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Photoluminescent material absorbs UV energy and stores it. Upon removal of the light source, the stored light is gradually released, producing a highly visible illumination. Unlike electrically powered systems, which rely on back up batteries or emergency generators, photoluminescent pathway marking systems are fail safe. They will glow by themselves, and continue to be visible all night, recharging themselves with the sun’s energy each day.