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Imprinted Asphalt Replaces Brick Pavers in Langley, BC Townhome Complex

The brick pavers in the feature area in front of the clubhouse were failing. Settlement and wear and tear over the years were having their toll. After looking at a number of replacement options the strata board decided to use StreetPrint – Genuine Stamped Asphalt. The paving stones were torn up and replaced with asphalt and Rainbow Paving, a manufacturer certified installed imprinted the asphalt and applied StreetBond – Advanced Coatings for Asphalt in colours to match the paving stones that were removed. StreetBond coatings are specifically designed for application to asphalt and will not peel, crack or delaminate, providing many years of maintenance free beauty to your project.

The townhome owners are ecstatic over their new StreetPrint stamped asphalt feature area! So much so they are considering replacing more paving stone feature areas next year. The neighbouring townhome development caught wind of the project and now want to do the same thing.