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Halton Region calms traffic using durable markings by Ennis-Flint

Yep, if you look closely you may see some snow hiding in the odd shady corner… With a one day surge of warm weather, Multiseal Paving Company was able to efficiently install a traffic calming project in Halton Region, using the TrafficPatternsXD system…  Bringing a close to the installations of stamped asphalt products in Eastern Canada for 2012.

The Region has used a vast array of products over the years to try and highlight to drivers,


Traffic calming – school zone ahead[flagallery gid=28 name=Gallery]

the fact that these higher speed roads are entering residential communities.  The concept is sound, but the products previously used have had their challenges.  With durability being one of the major challenges that they’ve experienced, the TrafficPatternsXD system will eliminate these concerns as it has proven itself time and time again as a durable marking system that will perform for years to come.