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GO Transit – selects TrafficPatternsXD for pedestrians

The recently completed GO Transit station in Aurora, Ontario got it’s final stripes with the installation of the TrafficPatterns and TrafficPatternsXD marking systems.  Historically these stations have used paint and concrete as products used to mark pedestrian crossings and vehicular channelling, but with the aggressive winters and the high volume of traffic… the design team opted to go with a highly visible and durable treatment that will not be burdened with constant maintenance.  The TrafficPatternsXD was used for all of the pedestrian crossings.  The aesthetics of this system allowed the project to blend in with the traditional brick pavers in the community, all the while providing a visible, safe, maintenance free surface for pedestrians to navigate the busy transitstation.  When it came to marking out some additional taxi stands and lay by lanes, the contractor – Multiseal Paving – was able to suggest using the TrafficPatterns product in the same colour tones to mark these areas clearly.