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Georges St-Pièrre – Montréal Waterpark

In Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Montreal… a recent upgrade to a community splash pad has created quite the impact on the neighborhood!

Using the StreetBond coatings for asphalt and concrete in both the standard formulation as well as the Solar Reflective option ( for cool surfaces ), a variety of shapes were created… Butterfly’s, water drops and flowers.  All using vibrant colours available from the standard colour pallet.

Thermo-Design Inc from the Montreal area, used plastic templates to help achieve the desired outcome, as well as a lot of patience!

Decorative-asphalt-concrete-notre-dame-de-grace-montreal-canada-streetbond-photo1 Decorative-asphalt-concrete-notre-dame-de-grace-montreal-canada-streetbond-photo2 Decorative-asphalt-concrete-notre-dame-de-grace-montreal-canada-streetbond-photo3 Decorative-asphalt-concrete-notre-dame-de-grace-montreal-canada-streetbond-photo4