New White Rock pedestrian pathway installed just in time for the re-opening of the White Rock Pier.

This project was created using StreetPrint Genuine Stamped Asphalt with StreetBond Coatings, installed by RainbowPaving

StreetPrint Genuine Stamped Asphalt — is a process which consists of stamping a template into a freshly placed or re-heated asphalt surface followed by the application of StreetBond 150, an advanced coating system for asphalt. StreetPrint creates beautiful decorative surfaces that are very attractive and durable, providing many years of maintenance free beauty.


StreetBond150® Advanced Coatings for Asphalt & Concrete — bond permanently to asphalt or concrete paving surfaces and were developed with balanced performance characteristics in mind. Ensuring quality results and enduring beauty of your projects for years to come.

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