TrafficPatternsXD™ Stamped Asphalt Decorative Crosswalks were installed in Montréal early in 2013 by Thermo-Design Inc.

They have now endured their second harsh Québec winter with flying colors. Installed in high traffic locations with heavy commercial vehicle use, they show no wear, snowplow shear or failure in any way.  Snow in Montréal is trucked out of the city… this location has a fully loaded truck on it every few minutes… combined with non-stop Montréal traffic, this crosswalk is heavily used.

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TrafficPatternsXD™  is an extremely durable preformed thermoplastic material installed onto the greater asphalt road surface. It incorporates a unique aggregate-reinforced formula with unprecedented wear resistance. Ideally suited for moderate to high traffic applications, it is the enhanced crosswalk solution of choice for many cities across Canada and in the US.  TrafficPatternsXD™ allows the creation of low maintenance traffic-tough streetscape surfaces. It is available in brick, paving stone like aesthetics as well as custom patterns and a wide range of colors.  Stamped asphalt decorative crosswalks are real, and they work in the toughest environments.

Applications are performed by Certified Applicators only. Sheets of TrafficPatternsXD™ material are positioned on the prepared asphalt surface. The material is heated by specialized equipment to the melting point. A specialized grid then stamps a pattern into the pre-formed thermoplastic. One traffic lane can be installed in approximately 90 minutes and is ready for traffic immediately on completion. Due to the speed of installation, there is minimum traffic flow disruption.

Photos of TrafficPatternsXD Stamped Asphalt Decorative Crosswalks showing winter performance 2.5 years after installation.