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Solar Reflective Asphalt Coating at Rogers Telecommunication facility in downtown Toronto Canada.

One of the very first StreetBondSR solar reflective asphalt coating projects that was installed in Canada was at a Rogers Telecommunication facility in downtown Toronto.  Not the most exciting job from an aesthetic point of view…. but pretty exciting when you can go back and have a look after 7 years, and it looks pretty much the same as the day it was installed!  The asphalt has been preserved and protected, the surface is cool….

'Yep that cool'

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Toronto’s Green Building Standard (TGS) is a two-tier set of environmental performance measures that facilitates sustainable new development in Toronto. This standard is applied to new developments within the city an is designed to align with LEED® Canada for new construction under the mandatory green building requirements.

As previously discussed in the profiled project from Canada Post the Toronto Green Standards are using the StreetBondSR asphalt coatings as an option to help reduce the urban heat island effect.  One of the things that we don’t spend enough time yapping about, is the value that a preserved/protected asphalt has to the end user.  Good quality coatings extend the service life of the asphalt pavement…. period.  ( and no, I’m not talking about the stuff that is sprayed on your driveway every year that lasts 6 months and then washes down the drains and into our eco-system…. feeling guilty yet? )  As long as the StreetBond coatings are on the asphalt, it will be protected from the elements that break down the surface over time…. With a small amount of effort, the coatings can be re-applied and the cycle continues!  Voila…. a perpetual surface.

With more and more groups looking to build with sustainable and environmentally responsible construction, StreetBond coatings are definitely here to stay.  With 20 plus years of proven performance and development, these epoxy modified, water-based acrylic coatings will certainly give your project a “cool” appeal.