Promenades in public spaces have always been important open space within cities to walk, bike and settle the minds of busy lives.

Here are three examples of promenades in public spaces that were recently completed. Each example incorporated StreetBond150 Pavement Coatings as the landscape architectural surface treatment to both asphalt and concrete substrates.

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Montréal, Burlington & Vancouver

StreetBond150 Pavement Coatings adhere permanently to pavement surfaces and have been developed with balanced performance characteristics in mind, ensuring quality results and enduring beauty for your projects. StreetBond works in any climate conditions and is used to colour and protect both flat as well as StreetPrint – Genuine Stamped Asphalt surfaces. The colour used for the Burlington lakeshore promenade was Cobalt Blue. StreetBond is available in a wide range of standard colors and custom colors are available as well.

Spencer Smith Park – Burlington, Ontario

In 2017 HUB Surface Systems met with city staff to discuss the options available to replace the existing pedestrian promenade.  Burlington’s Spencer-Smith Park on Lake Ontario was designed and built about twenty years ago. At that time the city used StreetPrint – Genuine Stamped Asphalt as the decorative asphalt paving treatment of the promenade. StreetPrint is still a popular process which consists of stamping a template into a freshly placed or re-heated asphalt surface followed by the application of StreetBond150 Pavement Coatings, advanced pavement coating system for asphalt and concrete hardscape surfaces.

After over twenty years of exposure to Lake Ontario’s harsh winter weather, the lakeshore promenade’s surface had reached the end of its lifecycle and needed to be replaced. In 2017  new asphalt pavement was placed to upgrade the surface to an accessible, smooth, durable surface suitable for walking, cycling and mobility devices, such as wheelchairs.

5,600 m2 of StreetBon150 Pavement Coatings were applied to the new asphalt pavement but this time without the StreetPrint- Genuine Stamped Asphalt imprinting process. StreetBond150 provides a durable, safe, skid/slip-free surface. Both protecting the asphalt from damage caused by the elements and providing a durable, architecturally design flexible surface. Fast to install, StreetBond150 is economical to install and requires minimal maintenance over time.  Given that the promenade is also home to Canada’s largest Rib Fest, it’s safe to say it can hold up to a little bit of cleaning when required

Parc Guido-Nincheri – Montréal, Québec

“Developed by the landscape architecture firm Civiliti, the landscaping design of promenade Ville-de-Québec in Guido-Nincheri Park creates an emblematic and pleasant gateway to Space for Life. As a continuation of the two key arteries of Rachel and Sherbrooke, a motif borrowing the image of bark, of a knot and of movement, sometimes takes the form of concrete walls, street furniture, gutters or groves of vegetation, all based on the theme of life.” Creating a link with the institutional crossroads made up of Space for Life, the Dufresne-Nincheri Museum and the Olympic Park.

StreetBond150 Pavement coatings were applied over a concrete substrate to create bold flowing lines central to the promenade’s landscape architecture.

RobsonStreet – Vancouver, BC

Another great example of promenades in public spaces is 800 Robson Street in Vancouver commonly referred to as Robson Plaza, situated to the south side of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Vancouver saw an opportunity to build on the positive aspects of the plaza in the creation of an integrated and connected space that can continue to serve as the central gathering space at the city’s heart. It has recently been transformed into a traffic-free, permanent public promenade and has brought vibrancy to this previously under-utilized space.

Asphalt was placed in the roadway to bring it to level to the sidewalks and StreetBond150 Pavement Coating was applied to the surface in ‘Gun Metal’ colour with Ginko tree leaves in various shades of green applied over the base colour.