From utilitarian service corridors into friendly, public spaces

The project More Awesome Now! is a partnership between the DVBIA, the City of Vancouver’s VIVA Vancouver program, and HCMA Architecture+Design. The plan? Laneway revitalization throughout the downtown core from utilitarian service corridors into friendly, public spaces where you’d actually enjoy spending time, with welcoming colours, warm lighting, and seating spaces. “It is something new and different,” says Charles Gauthier from the DVBIA. “If you create opportunities for people to spend time in space, they will do that.”

“Laneways serve an important business function, but for a big part of the day t they are underused and full of potential,” says Charles Gauthier, President & CEO, DVBIA. “So we asked if we make our lanes more appealing, could they become public spaces?”

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The first of these reimagined laneways was Hastings West and is themed “Play”. It incorporates StreetBond150 – Advanced Coating for Asphalt and Concrete in custom developed shades of pink and yellow for the colourful laneway revitalization surface treatments. StreetBond in both durable and safely skid and slip resistant.

“Boldly re-imagining downtown laneways can bring vibrancy to under-utilized spaces in the city year- round,” says City of Vancouver Director of Public Space and Street Use, Margaret Wittgens. “The City is thrilled to be working with community partners to enhance Vancouver’s walkability, liveability and sense of creativity one laneway at a time.”

The laneway will be shared by people and service vehicles, which will continue to access the lane for service purposes. There’s no formal schedule of events planned for space, instead, property owners, tenants, and visitors will share responsibility for enjoying, cleaning, and monitoring it.