Public transit is the backbone of livable cities. Canadian metro regions across Canada have long range ambitious plans to continue expanding these vital services. Public transit underpins the framework for livable, efficient and healthy communities.

“Better transit means less congestion, faster commutes, more convenience, higher productivity and lower emissions”

HUB Surface Systems has been providing performance proven architectural hardscape solutions to numerous transit improvement projects across the GTA for a decade and more recently in Metro Vancouver. Here are some examples of these projects.

Viva Toronto

Viva operates along major corridors in York Region, connecting Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Aurora and Newmarket, and links York Region with Toronto and its subway system, GO Transit and the Region of Peel.

TrafficPatternsXD GTA Toronto & Vancouver

In 2009 HUB developed test-decks for Viva using TrafficPatternsXDDurable Crosswalks & Traffic Calming Devices for decorative crosswalks in high traffic locations. This high-performance crosswalk ‘Stamped Asphalt’ system was applied to 9 lane roads exposed to 50,000 ADT, 15% bus and truck traffic.

The successful performance of these TrafficPatternsXD Crosswalk installations resulted in over 15,000m2 of additional crosswalks between 2012 and 2019 and has gained interest from other regional transit projects such as Waterloo region LRT and Peel Region’s Züm.

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Viva Project TrafficPatternsXD
Viva Project TrafficPatternsXD
Viva Project TrafficPatternsXD


Translink Vancouver

Translink – formally the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority, responsible for the regional transportation network Metro Vancouver is in the process of enhancing existing LRT station capital upgrades and new line extensions planned to UBC and Surrey/Langley. 

Joyce Collingwood LRT Station

Joyce Skytrain Station Vancouver (Night)

Recently HUB Recommended Installer, Square One Paving complete an art installation at Joyce Street LRT station by artist Renée Van Halm . Using StreetBond150Advanced Coatings for Asphalt and Concrete. StreetBond150 Coatings are durable and resistant to fading, chemicals and are safely slip/skid resistant. They have been proven over 25 years of use in Canada.

Incorporating both standard and custom colours, StreetBond150 was sued to create the vivid geometric patterns on both the horizontal and vertical surfaces for this beautiful LST station.

Port Moody LRT Station

HUB Surface Systems represents a wide range of decorative hardscape treatments. A great example of our DecoMarkDurable Preformed Thermoplastic Custom Wayfinding and Horizontal Surface Markings system can be seen at Translink’s Port Moody LRT station and at the North Vancouver SeaBus terminal. The feature art piece at Port Moody LRT station installed in 2016 represents the life-cycle of salmon.

Translink Port Moody Skytrain Station DecoMark

North Shore Spirit Trail

At around the same time the horizontal wayfinding markings were installed. These wayfinding markings direct people to various community features including the North Shore’s Lower Level Trail (Spirit Trail), the newly completed Shipyards and Lonsdale Quay.

DecoMark is highly customizable, colour-stable, durable and skid/slip resistant and is used in a wide variety of application including public art, horizontal signage and wayfinding

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Metro Vancovuer 2
Translink Metro Vancouver Stamped Asphalt


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