Enhancing Transit Hubs in the GTA and Metro Vancouver

Public transit is the backbone of livable cities. Canadian metro regions across Canada have long range ambitious plans to continue expanding these vital services. Public transit underpins the framework for livable, efficient and healthy communities. “Better transit means less congestion, faster commutes, more convenience, higher productivity and lower emissions” HUB Surface Systems has Read more…

Stamped Asphalt

Stamped Asphalt vs Stamped Concrete

There are many reasons why stamped asphalt makes more sense than Stamped concrete in the construction of commercial parking lots, streetscapes, parks pathways and plazas as well as residential driveways. Continue reading to learn more about the main differences between the two options. Learn more about Stamped Asphalt Products

First Nations Crosswalk Design Granville Street

In collaboration with Musqueam, we’re pleased to introduce a new original crosswalk design by Musqueam artist Robyn Sparrow, and installation by Square One using out TrafficPatterns product. Earlier this week, coinciding with National Indigenous Peoples Day, the City of Vancouver unveiled a new three-section crosswalk designed by Musqueam First Nation artist Robyn Sparrow.


Transit connections are transforming Vaughan – with more to come along the new rapidway Check out our work on the next phase of the VIVA Project installed by Multiseal at Highway 7 West Woodbridge / Vaughan using TrafficPatternsXD

Better Crosswalks for Canada TrafficPatternsXD

More and more Canadian communities and commercial parking lot owners are looking to enhance their brand, streetscapes and parking lot attractiveness and safety. Finding practical treatments for attractive hardscapes that do not result in long-term maintenance liabilities can be a challenge. The proven performance of TrafficPatterns XD speaks volumes to why it is the solution for better crosswalks Read more…