Durable, Decorative and Safe. The smart crosswalk solution for Canadian Municipalities and Commercial Parking Lots

More and more Canadian communities and commercial parking lot owners are looking to enhance their brand, streetscapes and parking lot attractiveness and safety. Finding practical treatments for attractive hardscapes that do not result in long-term maintenance liabilities can be a challenge. The proven performance of TrafficPatterns XD speaks volumes to why it is the solution for better crosswalks for Canada.

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Traditional decorative crosswalk material such as stamped concrete and cementitious pavers in street and parking lot environments can be the cause of liabilities and ongoing maintenance costs.  Specifically when placing different pavement materials side by side within a roadway or commercial parking lot where pavement heave and settlement is potentially an issue.



Better Crosswalks for Canada – Consider why TrafficPatternsXD is the solution:


Accessibility & Maintenance

TrafficPatternsXD is installed to the monolithic asphalt pavement surface so structural integrity of the overall pavement surface is maintained. Eliminating heave/settlement issues common to stamped concrete and paver systems. The result is a smooth, snowplow-proof, slip resistant, ‘trip-free’ pedestrian and wheelchair-friendly surface.


Skid/Slip (coefficient of friction) resistance
  • Exceeds MOT requirements


FAST installation
  • Means minimal traffic and community disruption – crosswalks installed and open to traffic in a matter of hours, not days or weeks


Easily Repairable
  • Fast and seamless replacement when things such as utility cuts become an issue


  • Over 15 years of proven performance on Canadian roadways in Canadian climates


Some recent examples of TrafficPatternsXD – better crosswalks for Canada installed in 2017:

Over 1,000 m2 of crosswalks as part of a two-phase Streetscape revitalization plan with additional TrafficPatternsXD crosswalks to be installed. Gatineau has been using TrafficPatternsXD for decorative crosswalks since 2012.

Approximately 2,000 m2 of crosswalks were installed as part of LRT project.




What Kiewit Civil Flatworks Project Manager, James Yang had to say:

“Per our project agreement, we needed to install “enhanced” crosswalk features at specific crossings in the core business areas of Waterloo and Kitchener”……”Brick and cobblestone crosswalks were also not acceptable material alternatives due to their long-term maintenance and durability, potential for unevenness due to temperature fluctuations, vehicular traffic, freeze-thaw and de-icing chemical use among other concerns.”

“Our concern with a concrete crosswalk solution was that over time, the differential settlement between the concrete crosswalk and roadway asphalt could still create issues with the interface between the two. Cost and scheduling were also big considerations as concrete crosswalks meant the roadway had to remain closed for several days to allow for the concrete to cure at each location. Given the experiences we had with TPXD on another project (VIVA), we pursued using it on our project. Working with the Region and both the City of Waterloo and the City of Kitchener, we were able to demonstrate the longevity of the TPXD applications.”

” During the installation process, we were able to complete the crosswalks with nighttime closures only, without having to remove portions of the roadway that needed to remain open for public use. The visual appeal of these crosswalks was also commented on by many.”

Approximately 1,000 m2 of crosswalks installed in 2017/2018 as part of major Streetscape project in West Edmonton including over 4.2 km of new protected bike lanes, shared roadways and paths.

  • General Contractor: Carmacks
  • City of Edmonton, AB – 102nd Avenue
  • HUB Recommended Applicator: Devlin Construction Ltd.
  • City of Edmonton, AB – 84th Avenue


Approximately 1,000 m2 of crosswalks installed 2017/2018 as part of major Streetscape project in Edmonton’s South Side including over 4.4 km of protected bike lanes, shared roadways, and paths.

  • HUB Recommended Applicator: ULS Landscaping
  • City of Calgary, AB – 61 Avenue S.W. Greenway Corridor


Approximately 600 m2 of crosswalks installed 2017/2018 as part of an attractive, walkable and complete urban corridor. With a stronger connection between Chinook LRT Station and Chinook Centre, opportunities for economic development, and balanced mobility choices enhance opportunities for travel by foot, bicycle, and transit.

Approximately 700 m2 of crosswalks and streetscape architectural enhancements. The Mews is an attractive, safe and pedestrian-friendly Great street of which residents and merchants alike can be proud. The contemporary design for the mews includes a widened sidewalk, traffic-calming and angled parking to access local businesses. A continuous paving treatment for the street and sidewalk reinforces the idea of a ‘shared street’ (One designed to facilitate a wide range of activities including local access, pedestrian and bicycle movement, social interaction, commercial and restaurant activity.

TrafficPatternsXD better crosswalks for Canada are not just for Urban Centres, but small communities too. Here is an example of TrafficPatternsXD crosswalks installed as part of a downtown streetscape revitalization project in Provost, Alberta completed in 2017.

With a wide variety of standard patterns and colours available along with the ability to completely customize any project by size, shape, colour, and pattern.  We welcome the challenge to create the right fit for streetscapes projects across the country. Better crosswalks for Canada, made simple with TrafficPatternsXD!