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DuraTherm inlaid road markings – 5 year track record

You may have seen some peculiar road markings around the Greater Toronto Area over the last few years.  Working closely with Allen Pinkerton and Henry Chu from the City of Toronto’s pavement marking division, a new design of marking was developed for applications on speed humps / bumps, whatever you want to call them!  With over 2000 of these bumps throughout the city being used as traffic calming measures… this was an excellent opportunity to show off this truly unique pavement marking system.

In the past, the marking systems that the cities had used, have had challenges given the nature of their placement… (snow plows have a nasty habit of scraping off surface applied markings).  In 2007, we started the first applications of a new design of “sharks teeth” marking.  Using the success that we’d had with the DuraTherm inlaid markings, we developed a design that the City of Toronto approved of… We were able to give them a marking that would be visible all year round… day or night… retain it’s retro-reflectivity… and best of all… Stay where it was supposed to… ON THE BUMP!

We’ve now passed the five year mark, installed over 2500 of the DuraTherm inlaid sharks teeth…with a virtually perfect track record when it comes to performance.  This is by far the most durable solution for this type of marking anywhere on the planet!  ( ok maybe a little dramatic… but they work!)

With the tremendous success of the program, the City of Toronto expanded it to include bike symbols, sharrows, diamonds, etc.