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Award Winning! York Region Points in the Right Direction!

With a unique challenge given to them, the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffille worked with SCS Consulting and Schollen and Company to create a truly unique gateway feature in one of the newest sub-divisions in York Region.  The team was challenged with executing a design that met with the expectations of the town for the community while all the while keeping in mind the challenges of working on a live roadway.  With concrete and bricks ruled out as being expensive with long term maintenance issues; the family of performance thermoplastic products was brought to the table by Hub Surface Systems.

Using TrafficPatternsXD for the crosswalks, TrafficPatterns for the compass points and outer ring, and finally using PreMark for the stop bars and transverse markings… the end result was a complete package of durable markings.  By working from stock materials, Schollen and company was able to design a very creative looking feature.

Multiseal Inc, brought the design to life with a team of experience installers hand cutting each piece to get the exact fit. [flagallery gid=30 name=Gallery]

The project was recently posted on for its award winning status!