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About Us

Between the two of them, Doug & Cleve have over 30 years of experience in specialized surface treatments for asphalt and concrete… Their passion and drive for these systems keeps them constantly evolving. ( and let’s face it, what else would they do! )

Cleve got involved with StreetPrint, the original developer of stamped asphalt technology in its earliest days. Twenty years ago his driveway was one of the very first decorative asphalt installations in all of history. He was involved in product development and every aspect of selling and marketing stamped asphalt systems with StreetPrint for nearly twenty years and was a member of the senior management team until ‘downsizing’ became all the fashion post 2008. Cleve is a born and bred west coaster and lives with his family and two yappy dogs in Langley, BC.

Doug has been representing decorative asphalt products in Eastern Canada for over twenty years. Starting from the ground up, Doug helped an entrepreneur get his StreetPrint business off the ground, and then moved on to work with StreetPrint’s eastern Canadian distributor.  When the opportunity came to work directly for StreetPrint, he took this on for a number of years. He lives in Milton, ON with his herd of beautiful young children.  You will be hard pressed to find someone who knows more about asphalt stamping technologies than Doug.

Both are industry pioneers and are much smarter than their friends and families give them credit for.