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See Tracks? Think Train! Rail Crossing Signage is being increasingly implemented throughout municipalities in Canada.

See Tracks? Think Train! rail crossing signage is placed in advance of rail crossings particularly where they intersect bike and pedestrian pathways and trails. DecoMark horizontal and way-finding signage is the ideal durable high resolution solution. Customizable in a wide range of colours, it is permanent as well as fast and easy to install.See Tracks? Think Train! Railway Track Trail Crossing Horizontal Signage

Every year in Canada approximately 240 collisions and trespassing incidents occur at highway/railway crossings and along railway tracks resulting in death or serious injury. Virtually all of these incidents could be avoided.

DecoMark ‘See Tracks? Think Train! rail crossing signage has been used in Operation Lifesaver initiatives with their stated goal being “sav[ing] lives by educating Canadians about the hazards surrounding rail property and trains. Our mission is to prevent collisions between trains and motor vehicles.”

Operation Lifesaver is a unique public-private partnership that promotes awareness to help save lives and is funded by The Railway Association of Canada and Transport Canada, this partnership initiative is guided by a National Operation Lifesaver Advisory Committee. This Advisory Committee is chaired by representatives of Transport Canada and the Railway Association of Canada. Other members of the committee include representatives from the Canada Safety Council, CN, and CP, VIA Rail Canada, the Ontario Provincial Police, the Sûreté du Québec, GO Transit, and the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference.