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City of Toronto – Signs & Markings

“The City of Toronto is active in the implementation of measures to increase pedestrian safety and maintain mobility. Throughout the years it has tried and tested several varying signs and markings applications, one of which was the inlaid XD markings. Since their installation in 2008, the markings have remained very visible, thereby maintaining positive guidance for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.”

Allen Pinkerton, Manager – Signs and Pavement Markings, City of Toronto

York Region

“Traffic Patterns XD is an attractive and practical product which has been used to visually enhance crosswalks on several successful projects in York Region. The true test of the product is in its durability which has endured high speed, heavy truck traffic and snow plow operations, including salting and sanding. Durable, long lasting products have become a standard for enhanced crosswalks in York Region’s urban centers.”

Working With Designers 

“When Terraplan is asked to design parking lots, roadways and pedestrian pathways we have found that HUB Surface Systems is often the ideal company for us to work with. Their responsiveness, and commitment to collegiality and problem solving has allowed us to create intelligent solutions that meet  our clients needs.”  

David Jonas –  Terraplan Landscape Architects